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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Bend Oregon

​A lot of people think that getting their popcorn ceiling removed is something that can be done DIY. While it does seem to be a straightforward task, it isn’t something you’d want to attempt on your own. This is especially true for older homes. Properties that were built before 1978 have a good chance of containing asbestos— a known health hazard.
Attempting to remove materials that contain asbestos by yourself is not only going to be a health risk, but it is illegal as well. Proper equipment along with the necessary certifications are required before such a task is carried out. This ensures that proper safety standards are carried out and certain regulations are followed to avoid exposing people to this health risk.
Once the harmful material has been removed, we take care of the refinishing process. We have trained experts that have the tools and skills, and the know-how to ensure that all the imperfections that are meant to be hidden underneath your ceiling will stay there. Removing your popcorn ceiling does not stop with the removal of the old and damaged materials, there’s cleanup to be done to ensure that any hazardous waste is properly disposed of.
Prepping the fixture follows, which requires a proper grasp of the process involved to ensure that the final finishing steps will yield the specific results that you were hoping for. Part of the processes that our bend drywall experts perform to ensure that you get the desired finish includes refinishing the ceiling, texturing and then painting.
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